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When test-driving a new car, take the technology for a spin

Feb 23, 2017

Car shopping isn't just about kicking the tires anymore

Auto workers union preparing 'Buy American' ad campaign

Feb 16, 2017

The United Auto Workers union is preparing an ad campaign that urges people to buy U.S.-made cars and trucks as it tries to tap into President Donald Trump's efforts to rebuild the country's manufacturing sector

US retail sales rise in January, led by gas and restaurants

Feb 15, 2017

Americans increased their spending at restaurants and gasoline stations in January, pushing up overall retail sales even as auto buying fell

Peugeot buys iconic Indian car brand

Feb 13, 2017

French car manufacturer Peugeot has bought India's most iconic car brand from its maker Hindustan Motors in a deal that signifies the passing of an era in India's motoring history

EU fines 3 battery recycling companies for forming cartel

Feb 8, 2017

The European Union has fined three battery recycling companies a combined $72 million for forming a cartel that artificially kept the purchasing price for used car batteries low

Liz Weston: The never-ending car payment

Feb 6, 2017

For large numbers of people, a car payment is more like a monthly subscription rather than a debt they'll actually pay off

Furor as Egypt officials use state funds for expensive cars

Feb 1, 2017

Egypt media sphere abuzz as parliament speaker, deputies use state funds to get expensive cars worth hundreds of thousands of dollars

AP PHOTOS: Tiny objects, big dreams in Bolivia festival

Jan 31, 2017

AP PHOTOS: Thousands of working class Bolivians crowd the streets of La Paz every year to buy miniature cars, houses and wads of fake dollar bills that they dream of owning

Slow fix: VW diesel owners complain of buyback delays

Jan 26, 2017

Owners of diesel Volkswagens that cheat on emissions tests say the company isn't delivering on a promise to quickly buy back their vehicles

Textron is buying vehicle maker Arctic Cat in $247M deal

Jan 25, 2017

Textron, the defense contractor, drops $247 million to acquire the snowmobile company Arctic Cat

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