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Leader collapses, Shelley wins Commonwealth Games marathon

Apr 15, 2018

Michael Shelley won the Commonwealth Games men's marathon in dramatic fashion Sunday when leader Callum Hawkins of Scotland collapsed to the road with cramping with about two kilometers remaining.

Iraq: Islamic State group says it killed 10 policemen

Mar 25, 2018

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for abducting and killing 10 policemen

Raf Simons evokes '70s Berlin drug culture in menswear show

Feb 8, 2018

At the New York menswear shows, Raf Simons paid homage to a German film about the '70s drug culture in Berlin, complete with a sumptuous runway that was actually a table laden with food, wine and flowers

Metallic undies: Tom Ford debuts men's underwear collection

Feb 7, 2018

Tom Ford debuts his first underwear collection and it's a doozy: Metallics for the men

Todd Snyder rolls out NY Fashion Week with nod to nerds

Feb 6, 2018

Todd Snyder helps kick off NY Fashion Week for menswear with eclectic ode to Savile Row rebel Tommy Nutter

Greek terracotta workshop produces an army of gods

Dec 23, 2017

Haralambos Goumas is a man who fashions gods out of clay _ in a reversal of most ancient creation myths

'Dandy Lion' rejects young black male stereotypes

May 31, 2017

"Dandy Lion" rejects young black male stereotypes, celebrates fashion as form of resistance

2 armed open carry advocates arrested inside police station

Feb 6, 2017

Two men wearing body armor and carrying firearms and cameras have been arrested at a suburban Detroit police headquarters in a confrontation livestreamed on the internet

Raf Simons salutes New York, talks politics at Fashion Week

Feb 3, 2017

Highlights of men's Fashion Week _ a much smaller version of Fashion Week devoted exclusively to menswear _ included an ode to New York from Raf Simons and exotic animal prints from John Varvatos

At Men's Fashion Week, a collection was out of this world

Feb 1, 2017

At Men's Fashion Week in New York, designer Nick Graham sent his models down a runway Tuesday in sharkskin suits, metallic rainwear and scarfs adorned with tiny spaceships in a whimsical bid to elegantly dress any gentlemen who manages to get to Mars

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